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What Does a Granite Fabricator Do?

granite fabricator makes black granite countertop for kitchen with white cabinet

Do you want to know how a granite fabricator handles your custom countertop fabrication? As nice as it would be, granite stone slabs don’t just naturally appear ready for home furnishing. Whether it’s granite, marble, quartz, or other natural stone, these rocks go through a significant process to get from quarry to countertop.

Below, we want to break down exactly what your granite fabricator does and how your home ends up with those classy granite countertops.

What Does a Granite Fabricator Do with Stone?

Choose the Right Stone for the Style

Stone fabricators assess a wide variety of stone when considering home remodeling tasks. Not just any old piece of granite will do the job. Granite comes in a variety of different colors, conditions, patterns, and veining. Granite formulates underneath the surface of the earth as magma cools off. This process formulates mineral crystals that give it its color and style.

Assess the Slab’s Quality

Your granite fabricator uses his or her knowledge of the material to figure out what piece of granite will satisfy the job. They’ll consider the size of the space, the room, and any personal preferences you have regarding appearance. Once a piece is selected, it will be examined for structural integrity. While granite is profoundly sturdy, it is possible to crack under extreme force or temperature change.

Cut, Polish, and Install

Finally, the cut and polish process will begin as the fabricator cuts the slab down to a precise length and thickness. He or she will then place the necessary components to allow for final installation. Any specific customization needs such as the desired length of overhangs will be accounted for in this step.

They will finally smooth off the granite and any harsh edges using specialized tools for the process. The stone will be washed and dried to rid the surface of excess dust or residues. A fabricator will apply a sealing coat that protects the granite from moisture, scratching, and other potential causes of staining. This coating needs regularly replaced to maintain the quality of the product.

What Customers Should Know About Granite Fabrication

No two pieces of granite or marble slab are alike. An experienced granite fabricator will do everything they can to provide stone solutions that closely match your expressed interests. Customers are encouraged to work with fabricators to address any customization desires as the stone-shaping process truly provides an opportunity to make it your own.

The varying styles, difficulty to shape and cut, and personalization options all ultimately factor into the price of granite installation. Be sure to communicate with your fabricator during all stages of the process to help them guide you to exactly what you want.

CIT Quartz & Granite - Michigan’s Granite Countertop Fabricator

CIT Quartz & Granite specializes in granite, marble, and quartz countertop fabrication. We stand by our rule of ensuring that all homeowners and customers are 100% satisfied with the work that they receive. We’ll work alongside you to ensure that all pieces of stone are tailored as best as possible according to your specifications.

Don’t wait any longer on furnishing your home with a classy granite countertop. Call CIT Quartz & Granite at (734)-941-2323 to receive your completely free estimate regarding your project plans.

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