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Outdoor Granite

Outdoor countertops are perfect for people who like spending a lot of time in the backyard or on their porch. Depending on your layout, you may want a bar area where you can sit and drink with your friends and/or family. Alternatively, you may be interested in setting up a grill or other cooking area.

Regardless of your purpose, there are some stones you probably don’t want to use. Quartz, for instance, isn’t good because of humidity and heat. Granite, on the other hand, is a good choice. Below we’ll explain why granite is a good choice. Then we’ll let you know how you can take care of your granite countertop and prevent it from cracking.

Outdoor Granite

Is Granite OK for Outdoor Use?

Granite doesn’t fade because of the sunlight. Additionally, it isn’t sensitive to the heat. This makes it a great stone for outdoors, though you do have to get it sealed in order to prevent mold, stains, and other damage caused by liquids or humidity.

How Do I Protect My Granite Outside?

The protocol for ensuring that your granite is protected is simple. You want to make sure that your granite is always properly sealed to protect against moisture and humidity. Then, you want to regularly clean it.

Will Granite Crack in Cold Weather?

Granite shouldn’t crack in cold weather, as long as it’s properly sealed. It’s most vulnerable during the thawing season, so you should pay extra attention to your sealant to ensure that it’s properly applied.

Does Rain Affect Granite?

Granite is susceptible to moisture, which means it would be bad for granite. Fortunately, you can seal granite countertops, protecting them from the rain. You’ll need to occasionally re-apply the sealant.

To determine whether or not it’s time to re-seal your sealant, you should spill a small amount of water on the countertop. Let it sit for a bit and see whether or not the granite absorbs it. If the water stays on the countertop, your sealant is doing its job. If the granite absorbs the water, it’s time to re-apply the sealant.

Will Fire Crack Granite?

Granite is heat-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by heat. It can handle temperatures higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can have granite countertops no matter the climate you live in.

However, extreme changes in temperature can damage is the sealant. If your countertop is regularly exposed to heat – such as if you’re putting hot pans and plates on a cool granite surface – make sure you pay close attention to when the countertop needs to be resealed. Otherwise, it’s best to only set hot things on a granite countertop when necessary.

Can I Use Knives on My Outdoor Countertop?

You shouldn’t use knives on a granite countertop for two reasons. The first is that it’ll dull your blades. The second is that it may weaken the countertop’s sealant. Regardless of where your granite countertop is, you should have a cutting board for when you want to cut something.

How Do You Clean Outdoor Granite Slabs?

When cleaning granite, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: you want to be gentle. This means it’s best to use just a bit of soap and water. If you’d prefer, there are also cleaners specifically designed for granite that you can buy at the store.

Please note that harsh cleaning is bad for granite. This means you won’t want to use bleach, vinegar, or ammonia. As well, you don’t want to use coarse scrub brushes. These will eat away at the sealant you’ve applied, which in turn will leave your granite susceptible to humidity and moisture.

Will My Granite Crack? If So, Can It Be Fixed?

It’s incredibly unlikely that your granite countertop will get chipped because it’s a very sturdy stone. You’d have to slam it with an incredibly heavy object. That said, if you do manage to chip it, it can be fixed with epoxy.

Want a Granite Outdoor Countertop?

For years, Center International Quartz and Granite has been helping people with all their granite and quartz needs. If you want to get an outdoor countertop, we’ll be able to find and install the perfect slab for you. We can also offer you a free quote for any granite/quartz project. If you’re not sure what stone is needed for a particular project, get in touch and we’ll let you know.

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