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How to Take Care of Granite and Quartz

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The key to keeping your countertops in pristine condition is in the constant maintenance. With varying materials such as granite, limestone, quartz, marble, etc. there are several ways to uphold the integrity of the rock, but with simple, neutral tips that are successful across the board, the only concern will be consistently executing great habits routinely.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Keeping up with good habits is a crucial part of preserving clean, undamaged countertops. Preventing any damage is the most optimal way to ensure the longevity of the finish. First things first, be sure to blot any spills that occur immediately. Getting ahead of the drying process will lessen any damage.

Provide a barrier between you and the countertop to avoid exposure to the elements and possibly encourage cracking. Although the granite and quartz can withstand a substantial amount of heat, the constant contact with extreme temperature could cause the stone to crack. Other methods for protecting the top layer of the counter includes utilizing a coaster for beverages, and cutting boards preventing scratches from a knife.

What to Avoid

General cleaning products are full of acids and chemicals that will wear away at the granite sealant, ultimately leaving the surface vulnerable to staining. Although they may be cheaper than the specific cleaning products you should use, long-term you’ll find yourself needing extensive care for the granite or quartz.

Bathroom countertops tend to be a hub for products used on a daily basis; however, this may not be the best area to store them seeing as they’re prone to leaking and spilling onto the surface. Make sure to stay away from storing these products directly onto the stone counter.

Center International Quartz & Granite Natural/Engineered Stone Countertops

Our team combines expertise with high-quality materials to design, manufacture, and install kitchen and bath countertops. Of course, we take every finish into consideration, not just the most common materials; granite, and quartz. Educating our clients on how they should be maintaining our work is crucial to our customer satisfaction. Any home remodeling project you have in mind that involved countertops is within our jurisdiction! For more information on how we can get started on your home project, contact us at (734) 941-2323.

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