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Custom Bathroom Countertops

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Custom bathroom countertops are ideal for discerning customers. They allow you to choose the material and design that you feel would be best for your bathroom. At Center International Tile & Granite, we work extensively with both granite and quartz. Below we’ll help you decide which material is best for your bathroom.

Natural Stone vs. Engineered Stone

Though they’re both stone, granite and quartz have different production processes. This is because granite is a natural stone, while quartz is an engineered stone. This means granite is pulled directly from the ground. While quartz is also mined, you can’t have pure quartz countertops. Instead, we need to combine the quartz with some binding material (e.g. resin).

Generally speaking, quartz is more environmentally friendly than granite. As well, it’s designed to clean more easily. This is especially handy for bathrooms. However, if you get your granite sealed, it’s also a tremendously sturdy stone.


Because granite is a natural stone, you can’t simply decide the color and pattern you want. Instead, you’ll have to look at various slabs of granite and find which one you want. If you’re still in the designing phase for your bathroom, this may be fine. If you’re having trouble getting everything in your bathroom to match, it may make things more difficult.

Quartz is preferred for people who have an exact look in mind. Because it’s engineered stone, it can be customized to fit the needs of your bathroom.


Granite is more expensive than quartz. On the one hand, that’s a downside if you want to get a good deal on your bathroom countertop. On the hand, it means that granite is less common than quartz.

While quartz is a good, practical stone, granite is better for homeowners who want to distinguish themselves and their homes. Granite is perfect for something like a guest bathroom, which won’t require as much maintenance. Quartz is preferred for family bathrooms, or other heavy-use rooms.

Why Quartz and Granite Are Both Good Materials for Custom Bathroom Countertops

No matter which of the two materials you choose to work with, you’ll find that both granite and quartz make for great bathroom countertops. They’re both beautiful, low-maintenance stones.

Need a Bathroom Countertop?

Center International Tile & Granite has been helping people get the materials they need to build/remodel the home of their dreams. We also offer wholesale countertops! To learn more, call us today at 734-941-2323.

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